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Achived after 8 years NZ「North対South」

 New Zealand’s traditional game “North vs South” will be revived on August 29 for the first time in eight years.

 The match is also known as a trial match for the All Blacks, and players who will participate in this traditional match will be announced on 18 August.

North or South? The criteria for team selection are based on the district national team that the player first played, not where he was born.
 As a result, world-renowned star Borden Barrett made his debut in Taranaki, Kitajima, so he became the “North Team”. His younger brother, Jordy Barrett, started his career in Canterbury on the South Island, so he became a “South Team” and the famous Barrett brothers were divided into North and South.

And the notable All Blacks members will be announced the day after this tradition. Since there are no test matches this season due to the effects of coronaviruses, the importance of this match will be apparent by looking at this schedule.

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